1995 [USA] (CD) LoLo 003
1995 [JAP] (CD) Belle Antique MAR-95106
01) Gongzilla
02) Bad Habits
03) Sing
04) Gongzilla's Dilemma
05) Mr. Sinister Minister
06) Almost You
07) Mezzanine
08) Hip-Hopnosis
09) Allan Qui?
10) Senna
11) Camel

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Hansford Rowe (bass)
Benoit Moerlen (vibes, marimba)
Allan Holdsworth (guitar)
Bobby Thomas Jr. (percussion)
Ben Perowsky (drums)
Vic Stevens (drums)
Lionel Cordew (drums)

1996 [USA] (CD) LoLo 010
1996 [JAP] (CD) Belle Antique MAR-96319
01) Suffer
02) Say It Loud
03) Island
04) Image
05) Shaman
06) Les Vosges
07) Listen To The Wind
08) Image (Reprise)
09) Console Warmer

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Hansford Rowe (bass, vocals)
Benoit Moerlen (vibes, marimba)
Gary Husband (drums)
David Torn (guitar, loops)

xxxx [USA] (CD) LoLo 016
2001 [JAP] (CD) Belle Antique MAR-01680
01) Mr. Sinister Minister
02) Bad Habit
03) Gongzilla's Dilemma
04) High-Hopnosis
05) Image
06) Gongzilla
07) Soli

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Hansford Rowe (bass)
Benoit Moerlen (vibes, xylophone)
David Fiuczynski (guitar)
Vic Stevens (drums, percussion)

East Village Sessions
xxxx [USA] (CD) LoLo 017
2002 [JAP] (CD) Belle Antique MAR-02794
01) Haniface
02) Aquila
03) Lilly
04) Ging Gong
05) Thrive
06) My Doctor Told Me So
07) The News
08) No Pennies, Please

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Hansford Rowe (bass)
Benoit Moerlen (vibes, marimba)
Gary Husband (drums)
Phil Kester (percussion)
David "Fuze" Fiuczynski (fretless guitar)

Full Circle / Coming Home
1993 [USA] (CD) LoLo 001
01) So Far Away
02) Full Circle (Coming Home)
03) Talk To Me
04) Into The Sun
05) San
06) Going, Going, Gong
07) Indian Sunset
08) Distant Waters
09) Lunar Lunacy
10) Blue Skies, Chinese Eyes

Bon Lozaga (guitars, synthesizers)
Hansford Rowe (bass)
Vic Stevens (drums)
Bob Quaile (saxophone)
Geza Mika (piano)
Jim Loretangeli (keyboards)
Greg Pordon (keyboards)

To The Bone
xxxx [USA] (CD) LoLo 009
01) Undertow
02) On The Spot
03) Kronos
04) Still A Dreamer
05) Of Sound Mind
06) French Movies
07) Now We Are Speaking
08) I Dance Alone

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Hansford Rowe (bass)
Vic Stevens (drums)
David Torn (guitar)
Geno White (guitar)
Caryn Lin (electric violin)

Two Plus Two
2004 [USA] (CD) LoLo 018
01) The One
02) Unknown Too
03) Undertow
04) On The Spot
05) Kronos
06) So Far Away
07) Full Circle/Coming Home
08) Talk To Me
09) Into The Sun

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Hansford Rowe (bass)
Vic Stevens (drums)
David Torn (guitar)
Glenn Leonard (drums)

No Other
xxxx [USA] (CD) LoLo 015
01) Mind Over Matter
02) Living In Dread
03) The Jersey Pines
04) Ali
05) Vampire
06) The Things I Do
07) No Other
08) Love Is Blind
09) One World
10) Rouler

Hansford Rowe (basses, vocals)
Bon Lozaga (guitar, e-bow)
Jon Catler (guitar, slide guitar)
David Fiuczynski (guitar)
Josee Caron (vocals)
Justin Allard (drums)
Bob Muller (drums)
Happy Rhodes (vocals)

Dabblings in Darkness
1995 [USA] (CD) LoLo 004
01) Dark Desert Moon
02) Three Rivers Of Lor
03) Hip-Hopnosis
04) Sand
05) Boji
06) Summa
07) The Way Home

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Percy Jones (bass)
Gerald Veasley (bass)
Bobby Thomas Jr. (drums)
Caryn Lin (violin)
Pierre Moerlen (drums)
Chris Farr (sax)
Vic Stevens (drums)
"chef" Mike Murray (vocals)
Jim Loretangeli (keyboards, percussion, bass, vocals)

Black Canvas
xxxx [USA] (CD) LoLo 008
01) Black Canvas I
02) Mercy Street
03) Rajah
04) Your Mind
05) Tolerance. Acceptance, Transformation
06) Perfection
07) Retribution
08) D.I.E.
09) Black Canvas II

Bon Lozaga (guitar)
Happy Rhodes. (vocals)
Chris Farr (sax)
Percy Jones (bass)
Caryn Lin (violin)

2001 [AUS] VM011801-1
2004 [JAP] Belle Antique MAR-04885
01) Worm Holes
02) Blue Skies on Mars
03) New Life
04) Suicide
05) Legion
06) Language Of The Angels
07) Orgasmic Eggs
08) Going Back (Go Back)
09) Icefields
10) Slanky Panky

Sam Aliano (drums)
Frank Gambale (guitar)
Brandon Fields (sax)
Brett Garsed (guitar)
Jack Jones (guitar)
Evripides Evripidou (bass)
Simon Hosford (guitar)
Robert John Sedky (guitar)
Marcel Yammouni (bass)
Arthur Natsis (keyboards)
Marcus Francisco (percussion)
Phil Turcio (keyboards)